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Participation Support - Active Moreland 2016-17

This grant round has now closed. Submissions closed at 5:00PM 30 June 2017 (AEST).

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Active Moreland - Participation Support funding can be provided to Moreland Residents to assit with costs towards a three month membership/program fee at any Active Moreland Leisure Centre. It is preferred that some form of financial commitment is made by the participant which usually will consist of a discounted payment of the start up fee.

Moreland is committed to ensuring that barriers to participation are reduced for those in need.  Participation Support Grants program provides financial support to residents of Moreland who are eligible to obtain a reduced or free centre based membership. To complete this application you will need to answer each question to and provide documentation supporting the need for financial assistance. 

How do you apply?
First, you must speak to a Membership Officer at your nearest Active Moreland Leisure Centre.

The process for an application:
~ Applicant, or agency on behalf of applicant completes application form online. ~ A referral letter from the agency must be attached outlining the need for support. ~ Membership Coordinator processes form using criteria and confirms with Moreland City Council on eligibility. ~ If successful then Leisure Centre will advise and coordinate with referral agency and applicant

Who is eligible?

Applicant must
~ Eligible participants must be referred by a support agency ~ Eligible participants must be holders of a concession card (unless a child – then eligible for concession through family member) ~ Eligible participants must reside in Moreland ~ Any further support provided after an initial 3 month support package including access to a special concession rate membership will be determined in consultation with the participant, centre staff and referring health professional. ~ The participant must attend the facility / program regularly and improvement in health and lifestyle must be evident.

For queries about the guidelines, deadlines, or questions in the form, please contact the Active Moreland Community Programs Director on 9354 3504  during business hours or email and quote your application number.

Participant’s rights and responsibilities

~ If you require a carer they will be granted access at no charge when accompanying you and display their Companion Card. ~ Active Moreland has an expectation that you will commit to making the most of your membership by attending as often as possible. ~ Active Moreland understands that circumstances may at times affect your ability to attend the centre. If this occurs please contact your leisure centre and discuss this with them.

Your participation and membership should be a positive and enjoyable. If f this is not the case or you have any other feedback, please speak to the Program Director  on  9354 3504 or Aquatics and Leisure staff at Council on 9240 1111.

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